The very beginnings, the roots of the art form of Flamenco come from an ancient lineage of peoples who, long ago,travelled from India to Persia into Europe and the Mediterranean lands. Many ended up in Southern Spain, where in certain times existed an interesting religious and cultural blending of Moorish, Arabic Muslim, Sephardic Jewish, Spanish Christian peoples and the travelers originating from India, the Gypsies or Rom. These travelers, walking their ways across vast lands, experienced, understood and fully lived the connection to the Sacred in all its possibilities. And even when the journey had ended in Southern Spain, and even much later, when Flamenco had shaped into a clearly defined art form,the artists with their families and communities have never lost their reverence for the Sacred in nature and their art, which is life. Nature and Her Mysteries are exquisitely expressed in the rhythms and power of Flamenco. Especially in the deep nights, when all boundaries and formalities wash away….expressions of profound pain, grief, madness, joy, religious ecstasy and revelations happen in Flamenco often and connect all who perform and all who witness it directly to the power of the Sacred.